I am the standard-bearer of my profession. I live and breathe for my work, and I am willing to die for it if necessary!

I am in constant awe seeing the impact of sexological bodywork!

The depth into which one can go thanks to the processes! All the emotions that leave the body, the surfacing of the unhealed, unsolved issues…

The relatively happy people who realise how much they have restrained themselves in their lives, how they have languished − and the great possibilities they have!

Undealt with childhood experiences, fixed ideas and automatic patterns we have no idea about that complicate our lives without us even knowing!

There are answers coming out of the blue to questions we had been asking for years!

There are realisations that break the vicious circle.

Old wrongs, pains and hurts resurface that we have carried from the childhood and that now negatively influence our behaviour towards our own children…

Suddenly we see the context as all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place – suddenly we know why we don’t have the relationship our heart has longed for…

Why we don’t have a fulfilling job…

Why we can’t find a common language with our parents, siblings, children and colleagues at work…

Why we don’t enjoy touch!

Where our lack of self-confidence, fears and worries come from!

Why we resent change!

Why we hold ourselves back when it comes to experiencing things and expressing our emotions…

Why we are suspicious…

Why are we tired…

Why we play the role of a victim…

Why we don’t know our boundaries and are unable to say no!

Why we keep waiting for something!!!

I am still fascinated by the simple principles of sexological bodywork and how perfectly they help to solve the seemingly unsolvable.

How come that a 35-year-old mom tells me that for her sex is a completely uninteresting, dull activity she could live without forever?

How come a 37-year-old beautiful and extremely successful woman says she has no partner because she doesn’t feel good enough for the right man?

How come that a 42-year-old mother confides to me that her sexual life is still strongly influenced by the fact that she decided to have an abortion at twenty?


It is because it’s a simple, effective technique that goes deep. Because it is self-experiential and direct!

Because during bodywork we are open, sincere and true.

Because when we want a change and decide to do something for it, suddenly everything goes by itself!

The body gives its gifts. It purifies and heals. It lets go.

It uses its own inner wisdom and puts it into work.

It shows us new horizons!

It opens new doors.

It enables us to restart, to find and experience new dimensions!

New levels…

It provides us a space for change.

It shows us a new perspective.

It brings us gifts…

Gifts we have carried inside the whole time!


Jana Mašková Zimolová, CSB

Teacher of sexuality and intimacy


Fcb/Terapie dotykem